MMT Jolly Holiday Giveaway


Congratulations to Michael Greene,  the winner of the MMT Jolly Holiday Giveaway! WorkstationSetups would like to thank all of you for participating…. and for those who might be interested in purchasing a Monitor2Go, and as a special ‘thank you’, we have just confirmed with MMT that friends of WorkstationSetups are now entitled to a special $20 discount. Simply email MMT at and they’ll take care of you!

Eligibility : The MMT Jolly Holiday Giveaway is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States (including District of Columbia) and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry.

Promotion Period : The MMT Jolly Holiday Giveaway begins at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 and ends at 11:59 PM on Monday, December 31, 2012.

How To Enter : Leave a comment below about your setup, and how you might be able to incorporate an MMT Monitor2Go into it

Limit of entry : Each participant may enter only one (1) time per day during the Promotion Period.

Prize :

One (1) Grand Prize : Winner will receive one (1) Monitor2Go HD+ . Total ARV of Grand Prize: $329.

With your iPad 2 or iPad 3rd generation (or any HDMI tablet) you can share your screen on our 15.6″ LED-backlit display. Perfect for presentations, or 1,000 other uses.







With DisplayLink technology, you can also connect to any Mac or Windows laptop through USB.





Connect any phone or media player with HDMI, and you’ve got a mobile theater.






Winner : One winner will be randomly picked on or around January 4, 2013 and will be contacted via email. Winner will be announced here on !

Sponsor : This giveaway is sponsored by Mobile Monitor Technologies. Connect with Mobile Monitor Technologies on Facebook and Twitter.



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  1. I’d really like to have it, because it need an extra monitor to run things like chrome while i’m in game. Reall hope I win!

  2. Wow! Talk about advanced technology. They have created the unthinkable. What a great ipad!! awsome! I would love to have it. Everyone in my house would want one.

  3. This would be a great tool to use for our special needs class at our church. We play games and movies and we’re quite limited in the amount of available small screens, portable monitors or tablets.

  4. I’d love to win a Monitor2Go HD+ to connect to my tablet.
    Would be great to let the kids at the coffee shop watch a documentary, or movie.

  5. The screen on my laptop died 5 months after I got it. I am using a borrowed monitor and they need it back due to their screen going out and I am broke!! Fingers crossed!!!! :)

  6. I would use it to let someone else watch what I was doing to teach. Then I would reverse positions to check the student’s effort.


  8. As a war veteran, who loves this country and never won anything it would be a thrill. However if I do not win that’s ok. As an american living in the greatest nation on earth, I have already won!

  9. Love to have it for my wife she has a problem with her sight I think this monitor would help her see much clearly.

  10. Like Anders, I think this would be great for a second screen while I’m gaming. It would be awesome to use with my phone, too.

  11. Would love to have this, I am retired and on a limited income, but do a lot of volunteer work and could really use this. Look forward to hooking this up. Thank you!!!

  12. I would connect it to my laptop and use it as a monitor while I am watching a movie etc. What a great gift it would be as I have an inoperable heart condition and I am always making movies of the family and lots of other things that this would make this a great gift if I won.

  13. Would be a welcome asset to my home office, going to take some classes soon and my laptop pretty old.

  14. Pick me, pick me. Your next winner!!! Show me the money! I need a second monitor like MMT Monitor2Go for its brilliant color and clarity display. So I can surf the web to search for paintings and the MMT to paint my own at the same time. It would be a dream come true and means a lot more to me than anyone else to win the prize. Starving artist here desperately needs the MMT to work and eat again. Winner, winner. Chicken dinner. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list.

  15. I do one on one training and this would be big help in that kind of presentation. Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. I would love to have one of these i would use it with my kids as my kids love to watch what im doing on the computer

  17. I would like to win this for my son. I am a single mother and have been off work since August due to health problems. My son is a Senior in high school this year and is getting ready for college in the fall. He would be able to use this with his laptop. I know he would get alot of use from it. Thank you for this opportunity for a chance to win a Monitor2Go HD+

  18. I REALLY need this! I work at home using my laptop and another monitor and my desk can get cramped because I also have another monitor on it and it’s outdated. Please pick me!!!!

  19. Would love to win this to move designs from place to place, and work on them on the Train. As well as sharing movies would be a huge plus.

  20. I could really use this in starting my new business, it will help with presentationsand being moblie make it better

  21. My husband works out of town 6 hours away. Winning the monitor to go would be a great help to keeping him in touch with his family.

  22. Having a MMT Monitor2Go would be an awesome improvement on my old busted monitor. It would also be a huge help with the very limited space (2 adults and one crazy little girl living in one room lol) and make it super easy to move around as needed. Would love to be able to use this thing!

  23. This would really help in a house with one computer and 4 people. I have kids who watch a lot of videos on the computer and this would make it a lot easier for everyone to enjoy it more easily.

  24. It Would Be A Dream Come True For Myself And Family. There Is So Much Work To Complete, And Without The Proper Equipment, Makes Life Quite Complicating. H.E.L.P And GLTA.

  25. I have no monitor at all right now.
    If I win I can use this,and wont need one.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  26. I would LOVE to win this. I am having problems with my laptop and this would be great to have. I in enrolled in school (online) and this would be great for me to have, besides the fact that I LOVE IT!

  27. I would really love to win this:) would be awesome for all my poems and writtings. Hope I’m the lucky winner.

  28. I live off the grid, using solar mostly. It would be a valuable assest to have. We go without a lot of things but staying connected to social networks and the world at large is important. Esp. with a small portable divice.Thank you for listening! Happy Holidays

  29. I am an RN. I would use this in my work in the healthcare field. I work with stoke victims handicapped and developmentally disabled clients. This monitor would be perfect for teaching occupational skills and rehabilitation, both physically and mentally, training fine motor skills, visual, hand eye coordination, etc. The sky’s the limit with the possibilities that could result from the use of this product. The strides in innovative technology has surely increased recovery time and results for patients with a typically less than favorable prognosis. Thank you for this opportunity to pay forward.

  30. Teach a computer software class and this would be great to hook to my laptop when tutoring or helping a student after class.

  31. it would be a perfect Christmas present for the love of my life he is always complaining about his set up, and well im a part time server so i cant really afford anything at all after i pay my bills. the look on his face if i gave this to him would be priceless ! and i wouldn’t have to hear him complain anymore!! its a win win situation!!

  32. Ok we’re on a new day now, and I am still very stoked to post my second entry in for this product. I would love to use this at work and home. My clients will benefit from this as well as my book, my grand babies, and when thats completed.. i can up load a movie to watch on it snuggled up in any nook or cranny that suits my fancy. Have a great day your way!

  33. Many places, people to utilize this, which are all significantly more savvy with technology than I! I guess I would have plenty of helpers

  34. I would love to have this. My monitor is old and raggid and not good for gamplaying. Would be great for my oldest son who is a gamer. TY!

  35. This beautiful peace of machine would help me with my business and family! The sad part is we had to move and in the move my laptop must have gotten bang up .. and would not even come one anymore.. lool .. I sure could use this it would help me and mine out a lot..

  36. This would be so awesome to win, We could really use an updated version so my daughter can put her skills to use and move forward with them, Just not in the budget, hope we win, would be awesome to see her face light up..

  37. Please help. I have an 12 year old desk top PC. I can’t even get on the Internet with it anymore unless I wait an hour just for it to boot up. We got hit hard by hurricane sandy with many trees down and we don’t have the money to upgrade. I have 3 children who would love to be able to go on the computer again. Thank you for your consideration.

  38. I would love this for my husband and son — they are true tech geeks. They love to game and I could see them setting this up with our current computer system.

  39. Sometimes I need an extra monitor on the road and my laptop’s screen doesn’t cut it. I have to switch between applications and pages just to get any work done. While producing, I could use a portable dedicated screen to view and adjust levels on the main mix, this would be perfect!

  40. This would be so useful. I have a tablet that I hardly use because it’s outdated and won’t do what I want to do and my laptop is also old and too bulky. PLEEEEAAAASE? :)

  41. I could use this by attaching it to my iphone so that when I am making beats for my artists I can have a decent sized screen for them to monitor what is happening and I would also attach it to my pc with my portable studio so that the artist can use this to look at his/her lyrics while I use my screen to record and edit at the same time.

  42. My roommate and I share the a computer because mine dies a few months ago. Unfortunetly she has a 15 yr oild boy who has an uncanny ability to find any and all virus’s on the internet. He can be looking up music and theres 5 virus’s. I’d love to have my own set up so that I didn’t have to spend a few hours cleaning up all the virus’s just to go on the computer for a few minutes.

  43. I have a pc, it would be nice to have something portable so I could surf anywhere in the house, or take it on vacations.

  44. My husband and I would hook this up in the ‘office’ and be able to work together to get things done that much faster…and maybe play a game of battleship or two :)

  45. The uses are endless…for training purposes, watching movies & TV shows, as a “cookbook” in my kitchen, second monitor for work!

  46. I am studying to be a linguist and this set up would be perfect for multiple language programs and information.

  47. This set up would be perfect for me. I am studying to be a linguist and I always need more room for my language programs, notes from studying, and sub titled films, of course! I would love to have this for my studying.

  48. Would love to have one to connect to phone for movies while camping. Its not always nice weather and when we are stuck in camper this would be perfect to have.

  49. Im a graphic artist and i really often have too many things going one one screen, buying a second monitor is on my top list of the things that i need.. im just starting in the business so i dont really have the money right now. winning this would totally help me out and more important help my work habits to be more efficient.

  50. I’d give it to my husband, and I’m sure he’d use it either for gaming or watching a movie from his laptop.

  51. My current setup is just a work laptop with no external monitor. The laptop only has a 11″ screen so it’s pretty hard to work on. I hope to use the MMT Monitor2Go so that I can utilize dual screen so that I can at least be a little more productive!

  52. I’d love to put it on my desk to show people sitting on the opposite chairs my presentations without them having to come behind the desk.

  53. I am currently running four 24″ monitors for currency trading. Monitor2Go would be a great addition towards my setup as I can present live price charts to new traders in a more mobile and versatile method which will greatly increase interaction between me and new traders.

  54. My setup would be at wrestling tournaments for my son. We live in a totally different state than the rest of the family so I videotape all his matches to share with friends and family. I would be able to incorporate an MMT Monitor2Go into my desktop and share away. Thanks for running this sweepstakes!!!!!!!

  55. I would dearly love to have this monitor. It opens so many possibilities to have an extra monitor. I would really enjoy this and my family would too.

  56. I have a basic setup and would love to add a new monitor so others can see my work without crowding around my small, small office space!

  57. This is actually exactly what I need. I’ve just built my stand up desk and am finding it difficult to design properly using by macbook pro and have access to the keyboard and use my wacom tablet. Having another display would totally solve this issue.

  58. Wow, cool! I would use the Monitor2Go HD+ for work presentations; often I am mobile, meeting clients in their office or a restaurant or coffee shop and showing them my proposals on my iPad2. Rather than being crammed around a single screen, this would take my presentations to another level and impress them, allowing them all to see my proposal while I controlled it from my iPad.

  59. Still here, in this thing.. hopin for the best.. thinkin about even more ways this device would be useful paired up with the other electronics i have access to. Good luck everyone!

  60. Wow….video meetings…..movies you tube….music videos and my grandson says” great for writing books”

  61. I do a lot of traveling and therefore a LOT of waiting…I would be able to watch shows on my phone and actually see it…and let my fellow passengers/waiters have something to watch too!

  62. I would like to win this for my son. I am a single mother and my son is a Senior this year in high school. He would be able to use this with his laptop. He will be starting college in the fall and this would be perfect!!

  63. I could use this for everything! I am a single mom and my son is taking com-tech in high school, he would love this.

  64. entry form for monitor2go hd plx. my set up is 2 monitors side by side. one to watch video and the other to do my accounting work or day trading

  65. I’m still in this day 4.. would still use this this screen for rehabilitation purposes as a second monitor to work with clients, it’s portable like the laptop, and I have the perfect ogio travel bag to fit both. Merry Christmas everyone.. and good luck!

  66. I would use this as a monitor and hook it up to my iPhone so the kiddos can watch their shows, movies and read their books.

  67. This would provide a second monitor at work or allow others to view content on my smartphone or provide a larger screen for my 7″ tablet. Thanks for the opportunity to acquire this technology.

  68. I have twin step daughters, one of whom is partially blind. I would love to have this so she can see better the photos and movies her sister makes with her camera phone.

  69. All I really have is a laptop I use as a desktop replacement, so I’m not sure how I would incorporate this product into my current setup, but I would definitely find a way!

  70. I would use it on the go from work and home. That way I would have something to work off on during my 1 hour subway commute.

    Thank you.

  71. What a great monitor for my work. I am a medical language specialist/editor. Would help my failing eye sight!

  72. I would like this techy item, so that I could setup a a-v security system at our coin-op laundry. That way I could monitor the security system at home. Then later would modify monitor to adjust the electronics such as thermostat & lights & stuff !!That would be sooooooooo cool!!!!

  73. I do a lot of video editing for my video production business and this would make a perfect addition to my setup making it easier to watch and edit my videos.

  74. What’s great is that I can use the DisplayLink technology on the Monitor2Go HD+ to connect to my laptop or desktop via USB to create a dual screen; its necessary often to do my work from home or while travelling.

  75. I have an older iMac and it would be nice to have a split screen to extend the size…my eyes are not as young as they used to be!

  76. I would use the MMT Monitor2Go to do presentations when connected to my laptop. It would make it easier to have the second monitor.

  77. I could use this with my mp3 player so i can watch videos and be able to see them! The tiny screen I use now causes me to squint hard!

  78. This wil be the perfect company to my cell phone and it will be shared with a laptop. A bigger monitor to the phone and a second monitor to the laptop. More workspace!

  79. I could use a Monitor2Go HD+ with my ipad and my tablet… would make it much easier to read my stuff!!!

  80. This monitor would help in my home office, so my hubby could read legal research he needs while I do other things.

  81. This would be a great surprise gift for my husband, he just complete HVAC school and need something like this for when he is out on jobs. I would love to bless him with this MMT Monitor2Go, this would be so awesome.

  82. Coolest thing ever! I would use it as a second monitor so that I could do things faster and not have to keep going from program to program!

  83. This monitor would be great to use with my odroid-x android computer from HardKernel for app development and regular usage at work. As well, it would be interesting to use with Galaxy S3.

  84. The Monitor2Go would be a bonus for travel as I can set up a theatre screening for my little nephews and niece whether in the car or in a hotel room.

  85. Im always on the go. I am in school for computer forensics. I would love to have one to do research and study groups with my fellow classmates

  86. MMT Monitor2Go
    Oh how I wish to own you so
    I’m an editor by trade, well, just starting off
    Should I ever win thee, it’s a wide-eye and a cough.

  87. I need this to watch my tiny mp3 player because it plays hd movies, but the screen is too small to see them :(

  88. I currently use an iPad with forScore ( when performing. Unfortunately, the song sheets on the iPad screen are small and hard to read in portrait mode. They are larger in landscape mode but only a little more than half the page is visible, requiring some fancy dancing on the foot pedals used to advance or back up on a page. Unfortunately, the song sheets on the iPad screen are small and hard to read in portrait mode. They are larger in landscape mode but only a little more than half the page is visible, requiring some fancy dancing on the foot pedals used to advance or back up on a page.

    An Monitor2Go that could be used interactively with an iPad in portrait mode and able to fit on a music stand would be a wonderful improvement over my present capability.

  89. I often take cool photos on my phone and I like to share them with my elderly mom but her eye sight is not great. I could leave this at my mom’s place and when I come by she will be able see to them clearly.

  90. I often work on several computers and sometimes I have to keep swapping the monitor cable…sure would be nice to have a portable USB monitor to be able to see everything together!

  91. the displaylink technology will come in handy as my niece and nephew( twins) accidentally broke my laptop screen,

  92. I would use this monitor as a way to see the ‘big picture’. Sometimes you need to view everything at once.

  93. I use my iPad for reviewing photographs in the field. Having a larger monitor would greatly improve productivity.

  94. This would be great for my step daughter to see pictures on her sister’s phone. She is legally blind and the phone photos are hard for her to see.

  95. I would make use of this during team presentations with my co-workers, when sharing something that I have learned. It would be great for them to be able to see the Powerpoint while I speak from behind.

  96. This would totally help with my office setup and discussing with friends and family! I also love cooking and watching the news in the bathroom while brushing my teeth! :)

  97. Hi, Merry Christmas to you all!! I’m still hangin in here in it to win it!!! Good luck everyone!! fingers crossed.. I’ve been really good this year!!

  98. Sure could use this to swap easily between my old Mac and the laptop…sometimes the screens are just too small.

  99. I would really like to win it, I could use to do some school work on it. Thank you for letting me try to win it.

  100. I would use the Monitor2Go to sync to my iPhone and turn it into a theatre, so I can entertain my nephews and niece…

  101. I run a home childcare service, I would be able to use this as an education tool by playing counting games, and nursery rhymes for the children. I am in dire need of something updated, I am using a old computer(from 1996) at the moment for the children. It would be the perfect Christmas gift for the kids.

  102. My son graduates this year and what an awesome gift this would be. He does so much on his phone so he could set that up and he could do his gaming on it and he has a little netbook he could attach as well, This would do everything he needed when he goes off to college . What a great Grad gift this would make . Fingers crossed.

  103. My setup is just a small set of tools in a small area with a small notebook. This monitor would make everything large!

  104. I would use the USB DisplayLink Technology to work from home and have dual screens to move around my apps, drag and drop, etc.

  105. I would really love this for work. I travel 2-3 times a month and I just don’t get enough space to function as well as I’d like. This is a dream-solution!

  106. With my set up I could use this as a second monitor attached to my small screen laptop. I could see more of the areas I am working on and maybe have less headaches!

  107. I would set up the Minitor2Go HD+ in my kitchen with my iPad so that I can access recipes. I am trying to change my lifestyle and one of those goals is to cook more home cooked meals. Thanks!

  108. As a pianist, I would put the Monitor2Go HD+ on the piano music rack connected to a computer that has the music loaded on it as well as software for foot pedal use. This would eliminate manual page turns which is very exciting!

  109. This would be an amazing addition to my new electronics “package” that I am going to encorporate. Have my iPad & iPod and am getting an iPhone next month when I’ve okay to upgrade and then the Mac laptop is next on the list ! Love to have this to tie them all together !!

  110. I would use the Monitor2Go as a portable theatre linked to my iPhone or iPad while I am travelling. It would also be really helpful as a dual screen for work…

  111. I would be able to use this to help with tutoring. I could have the questions on one screen and the answers on another…

  112. Im still in this thing.. would love to hook it up to my tablet or phone and do work with a partner or watch movies for the kids in the car. Much easier than trying to share 1 screen. Great for mobility, also.

  113. This would be great to donate to my daughters classroom. She has dyslexia and she would definitely benefit from something like this as well another students

  114. My Step Daughter is legally blind and this would be a great way for her to see better all the pics her twin sister takes on her phone.

  115. I volunteer with kids in a mentoring program on the weekends and often I am making presentations with mu iPad; its very hard for 12 kids to huddle around one small screen. With the Monitor2Go HD, I can link it to my iPad and have them sit infront of the monitor to watch my presentations.

  116. I would definitely use it to get more viewing capability out of my phone and tablet, it would be a great mobile screen to display project pictures for work or movies for the kids while out an about.

  117. I would be so happy-what a nice holiday present. I would get it hooked up immediately. Techie poor here needs all the help she can get.

  118. I would use the Monitor2Go HD+ as a secondary screen for work/client presentations while I am meeting them in their offices or other mobile locations.

  119. Still in this.. 2 weeks of comments and entering.. i would love to use this monitor with phone, notebook, or laptop to double my viewing pleasure, which is awesome if you’re a visual person.. can ya see it now? great possibilities here!!

  120. Got a new digital camera for x-mas that supports HDMI. Would be nice to watch videos from camera on this monitor.

  121. This would be great for my step daughter, she is legally blind and not able to see pictures on her sister’s cell phone.

  122. I would love to set up the Monitor2Go in my kitchen so that I can access recipes online and try them out… Thanks!

  123. I just want to be the coolest kid not only on the block but at work. Can you imagine all the free coffees and lunches you would receive just to grant a glimpse and possibly touch the MMT Monitor2Go. I must be dreaming they don’t give these away.

  124. My current setup is just a laptop and a desktop. I’d like to save some wear and tear on my laptop and also create more workspace on the screen by using 2 screens.

  125. I give presentations at work. For my setup I’d love to use the mobile connection feature so that I can hook up my phone to the device.

  126. I already have two first-generation Monitor2Go monitors and take them with me wherever I go. This way I’m able to trade the markets as if I were in the office. Love it!

  127. I would use it for quite a few things- but I would definitely use it hook to my laptap to give it a bigger screen to do some things with it.

  128. I would use the DisplayLink Technology on the Monitor2Go HD+ in sync with my laptop so I can use a dual screen system to work from home!

  129. i do have an ipad, so this monitor would be a great addition to it. it would make it much easier to watch movies on the ipad.

  130. my current setup is a 17″ LCD external monitor connecting to my gygabyte t1028 laptop…
    I need a monitor2go for my laptop so I can travel light.

  131. As a tax accountant and auditor I work long hours during the coming months. At the office I have a three monitor set up but when I work from home I have just the one. I would use the Monitor2Go HD+ as an additional screen to make working away from the office both easier and more efficient.

  132. I would use this for work so that I can run dual monitors. Great looking product!

    I currently use a 17″ Macbook Pro with 1920×1200 resolution. I would run this and hook it up to my monitor via HDMI.

    Will also use it with my iPad and iPhone. I’m planning to hook it up via hdmi out to my iPad/iPhone and run the Slingplayer application to watch live HD streamed from my house.

  133. This would be great to expand the desktop so that I could actually view things full size…the eyes aren’t what they used to be…LOL

  134. I would use this in conjunction with my desktop computer as a dual screen setup; this would be perfect for situations when I have to work from home as I have a dual screen setup.

  135. I’m a stay at home mother & I’d love this to work on my books, manage my bills online & just work from home!(: God bless & thanks for the opportunity to win!

  136. I would be MORE than Grateful & Very happy to win! A really nice & New pc that I could depend on to start my own buisness. As I am forcibally in early retirement,with no car. I’ve learned working on old pc’s,which were a blessing to me,that I cant depend on them. If you pick me,PLEASE!! I would do my Best to make you proud! It would make me proud of myself to,for sure!! Thank you for this oppurtunity!! Happy New Year!!

  137. I am a web developer. I often have to work from my laptop when I go to visit clients. The ability to duplicate my dual monitor desktop setup would greatly enhance my production cycle while on the road. This is the perfect solution.

  138. I’d use it to make my crappy 1366×768 laptop usable when its not docked. It’s a great business laptop otherwise and this would make it REALLY useable with a better resolution external monitor!

  139. This product would be perfect for me. It would allow me to mirror my main workstation when I am on site and working on my lapto, making me much more productive.

  140. I could really use a new monitor , my PC just creashed and a friend will be kind enough to give me one of his old Pc. The monitor I have now is huge and weights about 35 lbs!! That tells you about how old it is !!

  141. Lots of uses for this monitor but I would mostly use it for building my business. Being able to show the client what I can see and looking professional is priceless!

  142. Please pick me. I’m in graduate school and this would help so much with my thesis research and project. It of course would be marvelous in all applications.

  143. The Monitor2Go HD+ would be a great asset for me. I am a home-based customer service agent and i use applications and software for the job that requires me to toggle between screens alot! In my opinion having the Monitor2Go HD+ would cause me to be more productive by cutting down on service time by not having to toggle between screens. This item, along with the current computer that i have would allow me to see and do more at once, thereby, cutting down on service time and making me a more productive agent.

  144. I’d like to hook it up to a cell phone or an Ipod for the kids for when we might be on a long trip they could watch movies or play games on a bigger screen. Don’t want them to strain their eyes.

  145. This would be great for my step daughter who is legally blind to better see the photos on her sister’s phone.

  146. would like to be able to use my own computer system instead of waiting until the middle of the note to use computer- Thanks!

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