1. Maybe one for photocopies & daily printing, second for photo printing and the third for digital camera transfer& instant printing.
    Just a guess

  2. Hi – we don’t actually use all 3 printers. Since I recently married and moved in with my wife, we had some extras. We use the Dell 1720dn for printing, the the blue/gray HP for scanning. The white Dell printer is gone (not sure what we did with it!).

    Thanks for the comments all! We really love the setup (and each other).

  3. First of All, First of All, I would like to CONGRATULATE you on your beloved Happy Marriage as a Couple.
    Then there are questions.
    I want to know if your monitors are all LCD’s or LED’s or a mixed of both but which-one-which.
    It looks like you have two PC’s which-one-which are you using and what specs are for both and it looks both rigs are awesome.
    I wish I had these kind of workstation setups when I get married one day.
    Too bad you didn’t combine them with an Apple Macintosh rig. That would look awesome if you combined it with any Apple Macintosh products. Well then I guess that’s it.
    Do you use the 64but of W7 Ultimate or the W7Professional or what.
    Have Fun with your new toy.

  4. Hi – the monitors are all LCD. I use Windows 7 64-bit on the machine on the left, and Vista 64 on the right. I mainly use the system on the left. Thanks for the well wishes!

  5. Hi !! Love your ikea desk arrangement.
    I’m currently on ikea website and can’t figure out how you arrange your desks.
    Could you help me please ? :)



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